ABB AquaProbe Insertion Flow Meters

AquaProbe Insertion Flow Meter
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Mains and battery/renewable energy insertion flowmeters

AquaProbe is an insertion electromagnetic flowmeter designed specifically for use on potable water applications. Aquaprobe 1 is a mains powered meter (AC or DC power supply) and Aquaprobe II is a battery, renewable energy or mains powered meter and both types are available with a 300mm, 500mm, 700mm or 1000mm insertion length.

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Key features and benefits

  • Submersible sensor for use in flooded chambers, the transmitter for AquaProbe II is also submersible (all IP68 rated)
  • ‘Hot tap’ capability – installation with no interruption to the normal water supply
  • Permanent installation – alternative to full bore meters if the main cannot be shut down or cost is an issue (i.e. large diameter mains)
  • Temporary installation – typical applications are network analysis, site surveys and checking calibration of full bore meters
  • Stable calibration and reliable operation, no moving components to wear
  • Battery life up to 10 years (AquaProbe II only)
  • Optional integral datalogger (AquaProbe II only)
  • ‘Fit-and-Flow’ sensor stores all flowmeter information and programmed settings

Remote and integral (AquaProbe II only) mounted transmitter

AquaProbe II only can be supplied with the transmitter mounted directly onto the sensor, both AquaProbe 1 and AquaProbe II can be supplied with the transmitter mounted remote from the sensor (with up to 200 metres of cable). Both meters can measure bi-directional flows as standard.

Next Day Delivery on ABB Flow Meters

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AquaProbe Insertion Flow Meter

‘Fit-and-flow’ data storage

The transmitters ‘fit-and-flow’ data storage saves all flowmeter information and settings allowing for quick and easy transmitter replacement. It comes with a backlit graphical display with either ‘Though-the-glass’ (Aquaprobe 1) or a smartphone loaded with the Velox app (Aquaprobe II) to read and re-program the meter settings.

The LCD display can be programmed to display any/all of the following parameters:

  • Forward and reverse flow rate
  • orward, reverse and net flow totalisers
  • Flow velocity
  • Date and time (Aquaprobe II only)
  • Pressure if applicable (Aquaprobe II only)

The transmitter also offers the flowing output options:

Aquaprobe 1

  • 4-20mA
  • Three digital outputs (2off configurable for pulse/frequency or alarm/logic function and 1off dedicated alarm /logic function)
  • PROFIBUS DP and MODBUS RTU are also available

Aquaprobe II

  • Dual pulse

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