ABB WaterMaster

ABB WaterMaster - Mains Powered
24 Hour Delivery15mm to 1000mm sizes available from stock

Mains powered full bore flowmeters

Watermaster is designed specifically for use on potable and waste water applications and is available in sizes ranging from 10mm to 2400mm. This meter offers high levels of accuracy, reliability and low cost of ownership.

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Key features and benefits

  • Submersible sensor (IP68) for use in flooded chambers
  • Buriable sensor eliminates the need to build a chamber
  • Unique sensor design offers an octagonal bore reducing sensitivity to flow profile disturbances (40 to 200mm)
  • High accuracy, all of our stock meters offer the higher OIML R49 Class 1 accuracy (+/-0.2% of actual flow rate)
  • Wide operating flow range and can measure flow rates below the Q1 value (down to +/- 5mm/sec. velocity)
  • Continuous self checking of the sensor and transmitter (ensures the highest accuracy and long term performance) and comprehensive self diagnostics (checking it’s own operability)
  • VeriMaster in-situ verification of flow meter calibration with no interruption to any wiring, no cover removal (infrared service port through the glass) and no interruption to the measurement

Integral or remote mounted transmitters

WaterMaster can be supplied with the transmitter mounted directly onto the sensor or remote from the sensor (with up to 200 metres of cable fitted) and can measure bi-directional flow as standard.

Next Day Delivery on ABB Flow Meters

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WaterMaster Flow Meters

‘Fit-and-Flow’ data storage

The transmitters ‘Fit-and-Flow’ data storage saves all flowmeter information and settings allowing for quick and easy transmitter replacement. It comes with a backlit graphical display with ‘Through-the-glass’ local operator interface for easy setup and shows the following parameters:

  • Forward and reverse flow
  • Forward, reverse & net flow totalisers
  • Velocity
  • Detailed diagnostics and alarms

The transmitter unit also offers the following outputs:

  • 4-20 mA output
  • Three digital outputs (2off configurable for pulse/frequency or alarm/logic function and 1off dedicated alarm/logic function)
  • PROFIBUS DP and MODBUS RTU outputs are also available

Accuracy report

VeriMaster is a PC application, that when coupled to the WaterMaster through the infrared service port, generates a report on the accuracy of the complete flowmeter (sensor and transmitter). VeriMaster uses the advanced self-calibration and diagnostics capability of WaterMaster to determine the accuracy status to within ±1% of its original calibration and supports the printing of calibration verification records for regulatory compliance.

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