Aquamaster 4 electromagnetic flowmeter

ABB AquaMaster Battery Powered Meters
24 Hour Delivery 40mm to 600mm sizes available from stock

Battery and renewable energy powered full bore flowmeters

Aquamaster is designed specifically for use on potable water mains for distribution networks, revenue metering and irrigation applications. These meters measure bi-directional flow as standard and are available in sizes ranging from 40mm to 2400mm (meter sizes up to 600mm have a reduced sensor bore to give improved accuracy at low flows).

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Key features and benefits

  • Reduced bore sensors in sizes 40mm to 600mm offer high accuracy at low flows and a wide operating flow range. They also offer zero upstream and downstream installation conditions, which can reduce installation costs.
  • Power supply options available for the Aquamaster meter, include battery power (up to 10 year life), renewable energy via solar or wind power and mains power (85-240v AC) with battery back-up to keep the meter operating in the event of a power cut.
  • Output options include a dual pulse for forward and reverse flow when used with data loggers etc, Modbus, Alarm and Sensus protocol.
  • Installation in arduous conditions are not a problem for this meter as the sensor, transmitter and sensor cable are all sealed (IP68) which allows for submersion or for the sensor to be buried (up to 5 metre depth).
  • Full backwards compatible when fitting the new transmitter to older Aquamaster sensors, all stored settings are automatically uploaded when the meter is powered up.
  • Verification for each meter via the in-situ diagnostics and self checking capabilities as well as offering maximum confidence in the health of the meter when using ABB’s new SRV500 verification tool.
  • Integral data logger option is available for all meters offering flow and if required pressure data to be logged.
  • Interface connection for programming and checking settings via the Velox app (android and Windows smartphones/tablet) using contactless Near Field Communication (NFC).
  • Wall mount contactless coupler allows for easy communication when the transmitter is located in inaccessible places i.e. meter chamber in a busy road, inside a locked building etc, this is connected via a wire cable to a cover fitted over the transmitter display.

Next Day Delivery on ABB Flow Meters

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‘Fit-and-flow’ data storage

AquaMaster can be supplied with the transmitter mounted directly onto the sensor or remote from the sensor (with up to 200 metres of cable fitted) and can measure bi-directional flow as standard).

The transmitters ‘fit-and-flow’ data storage saves all flowmeter information and settings allowing for quick and easy transmitter replacement. It comes with a backlit graphical display and uses a smartphone loaded with the Velox app for easy set up.

The standard output is a dual solid state switched pulse for both forward and reverse flows and can be configured to give the required pulse output (up to 50Hz).

The LCD display can be programmed via the NFC contactless interface to display any/all of the following parameters:

Aquamaster 4 electromagnetic flowmeter
  • Forward and reverse flow rate
  • Forward, reverse and net flow totalisers
  • Flow velocity
  • Date and time
  • Pressure (if applicable)

It also displays alarm conditions (low battery, sensor fault, empty sensor, mains power failure, low GSM signal and renewable energy not present) as standard.

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