Series 4000 Portable Hydrant Flow Meter

Portable Hydrant Meter Meters
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Battery powered hydrant meter

Series 4000 Hydrant meter is designed as a portable flow meter which can be connected to hydrants via a standpipe or layflat hoses. The meter is fitted with a Q4000 electromagnetic flow meter which is battery powered (10 year battery life). This meter can be used for many applications, these include accuratly calculating and regulating water usage for mains flushing, checking the accuracy for full bore meters (DMA meters etc.), checking adaquate flow rates for fire hydrants and breaking down large DMA's (using waste meter points).

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Rugged and robust stainless steel sensor design ensures a long maintenance free life under arduous conditions
  • No moving parts in the sensor to get damaged by debris in the water or to wear, this will significantly reduce the requirements for maintenance and re-calibration
  • Lightweight design, only 9.5 kg (without data logger) making it easier to carry and install.
  • Wide operating flow range, from 0.1 to 22 litres/sec. (0.36 to 79.2 m3/hr) can be measured with an accuracy of +/-2% of actual flow rate (at 0.1 litre/sec, the meter accuracy is +/- 0.002 litres/sec)
  • A large, bright and easy-to-read LCD is continuously powered to give uninterupted information of instantaneous flow rate and volume totaliser readings at all times
  • 0.5 second sampling rate ensuring accurate and reliable flow measurement
  • The 'swan neck' outlet pipework ensure the meter is full at all times, even at very low flow rates
  • You can buy the meter best suited for your requirements, the options are:
    • The basic meter which allows you to use the display for the information required
    • The meter can be fitted with a pulse unit which is terminated to suit your own data logger
    • The meter can be fitted with a pulse unit to work with our TinyLog data logger which measures flow and if required, pressure data
    • You therefore only pay for the meter you need
  • The TinyLog data logger can be offered as a basic manual download logger or with integral GPS function to automatically record the site co-ordinates as soon as water is detected in the sensor. You can then view the site location via Google Maps in the logger software when downloaded.
  • Fitted with 2½" male instantaneous connector on the inlet pipework and 2½" female instantaneous connector on outlet pipe work ensures quick and easy conection to a hydrant via a standpipe or 'lay-flat' hoses.
  • Fitted with a quick-fit pressure connector as standard. This can be used to log pressure data, to fit a pressure gauge or to fit a pressure relief valve (to safely remove the meter when used under mains pressure)
  • Every meter is supplied in a rugged plastic enclosure to give added protection during transit or when the meter is not being used
Portable Hydrant Meter

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Portable Hydrant Meter LCD Display

LCD display

Showing the instantaneous flow rate in m3/hr and the volume totaliser in m3 (large 6 digit totaliser displays whole m3 and smaller 3 digit totaliser displays to 3 decimal places, the last digit being litres)

Also displayed is an empty meter indicator which will flash when there is no water in the sensor and a low battery indicator when the battery voltage is low.

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