Flow Meter Verification

Accurate flow data is crucial to ensuring that water companies can meet their leakage targets. It is vital to ensure that your strategic flowmeters at the treatment works through to your DMA’s are giving good accurate data, all equipment used is traceable to National Standards to meet the requirements of the regulating authority.

Flow meter Verification

We can provide meter verification on all water into supply, zonal, abstraction and recharge flowmeters.

The technicians will perform a whole range of tests including logging and verification using a number of secondary devices such as insertion and clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters as well as approved flowmeter manufactures verification tools.

As well as verifying the flowmeter accuracy we will also check and test the secondary equipment associated with the flowmeter such as the datalogger and BT line to ensure these are working correctly.

If you're interested in our Flowmeter Verification Service please get in touch on 01453 887449 or sales@mercomwp.co.uk