TranLog pressure transient data logger

TranLog pressure transient data logger

‘Manual download data logger to measure pressure transients

TrannLog is in affect two loggers in one which offers slow and high speed data logging in parallel. Slow speed will be your normal logging rate between 1 second to 1 hour (typically 15 minute logging rate), high speed is selectable to 10, 100 and 1000 readings per second when a pressure transient is detected.

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The TranLog is supplied in a stainless steel powder coated IP68 submersible enclosure (145mmLx90mmWx55mmD) complete with 8 digit LCD display. Local communication is via a fast non-contact IrDA communications link (115,200 baud rate).

Key features and benefits

  • Will log pressure data at the normal speed and then switch to a selected high speed (10,100 or 1000 pulses per second) if/when a pressure surge is detected
  • Software selectable trigger modes and threshold levels, during threshold logging, the logger checks the pressure signal against the threshold settings 10 times per second and once triggered will start logging at the higher rate
  • An external power supply can be connected to the logger which will allow it to sample pressure at 1KHz continuously and then detect and record data at 10Hz, 100Hz or 1KHz before, during and after the surge event
  • Option to select 10, 16, 25 or 40 bar pressure transducer at the ordering stage which offer a 0.1 metre resolution with 0.25% accuracy
  • 2-Mbytes flash non-volatile memory which will retain data for up to 10 years if battery power fails. It can log up to 1 million readings (up to 100 surge events) which are organised into data files
  • Typical battery life up to 5 years
  • IrDA communication link with 115,200 baud rate allows faster download of the logged data
  • Typical application include pressure monitoring in networks, hydraulic network analysis, monitoring pumps and PRV’s and water hammer issues.

PC Software

GCRLog data management software for programming and downloading the data loggers.

When the TinyLog GPS is used with our portable hydrant meter, it will automatically log the location co-ordinates when water starts to flow through the meter. This will enable the operator to use the meter on a number of sites and then download all of the logged data when finished, this could be on site or when back in the office.

You then click on the logged data where you see flow usage to view the site location via Google Maps. If required, the PC software allows you to create a new site name for each set of flow data and save it in the list of location ID’s.

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