TinyLog manual download loggers

Manual download data loggers

Manual download data loggers

The TinyLog is a compact manual download data logger which offers a variety of measurement options and multiple logging functions and an option of GPS location if required.

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The TinyLogs lightweight plastic enclosure is very small (87mmLx57mmWx38mmD) as can be seen in the image below with the logger next to the hydrant cap. It can be supplied as a single or dual channel logger and can measure flow (digital input up to 400 pulse per second), pressure (integral pressure transducer) and analogue (from remote pressure transducer, mA and voltage) inputs. Local communication for all versions is via a fast non-contact IrDA communications link (115,200 baud).

Small Manual Download Data Loggers

Key features and benefits

  • The loggers store data in a non-volatile memory which is organised into 8off independent date files, the first 6 files each store up to 64,000 readings, the 2off remaining files each store up to 250,000 readings
  • Each of the independent data files can be set up to record different types of data from the same input. This could be average, instantaneous, minimum and maximum values for flow and/or pressure/analogue inputs
  • The flow channel on all dataloggers can log up to 80 pulse per second as standard (up to 400 pulses per second on request)
  • Each TinyLog offers 3off programming options as shown below:
    1. Basic configuration -
      Can be programmed to record a specific logger function, typically 15 minute logging rate
    2. Standard configuration -
      Can be programmed as per the Basic configuration with the option to select a sample rate and record up to 8off different types of data which include average, instantaneous, minimum and maximum values for flow and/or pressure/analogue inputs
    3. Advanced configuration -
      This option allows each of the 8off files to be set up with their own logging and sample rates for flow and/or pressure logging. This allows you to measure average, pulse interval timing (flow only) maximum and minimum values with their own start/stop time and cyclic mode options, in affect 8off independent dataloggers within one small housing.
  • Pressure measurement accuracy is optimised using multi point calibration. This means the logger can be re-calibrated before it is installed, when it has completed it’s logging or after the data has been downloaded by re-calibrating to transducer to the data logger . This is a major benefit if the pressure transducer zero-offset was not carried out at the programming stage.
  • Battery life typically 10 years
  • All enclosures are IP68 (submersible)
  • IrDA communication cable – baud rate of 115,200 baud
Manual Dataloggers

PC Software

GCRLog data management software for programming and downloading the data loggers is free to download (no license fees).

3 options available from STOCK
Tiny Log Manual Download Logger

Pressure Only

Pressure Transient Data Logger

Flow Only

Tiny Log GPRS Data Logger

Flow and Pressure

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