Siemens MAG 8000

Siemens MAG 8000
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Battery & mains powered electromagnetic flowmeter

MAG 8000 is designed specifially for use on potable water applications such as distribution networks, revenue metering and irrigation and is available in meter sizes from 25mm to 1200mm. These meters measure bi-directional flows as standard and can be powered via internal or external battery packs or via a mains power supply with battery back-up.

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Key features and Benefits

  • Rugged and bobust sensors design ensures a long maintenance free life under arduous conditions such as installation in flooded chambers (submersible, IP68) and buriable sensor (avoids cost of building a chamber)
  • Long lasting performance and low cost of ownership, no moving parts means less wear and tear, and up to 6-10 years maintenance-free operations (6 years with integral batteries and up to 10 years with remote battery pack)
  • Display information shows meter fault condition, low power warning, flow overrange, pulse output overload and empty pipe.
  • Add-on communication modules for MODBUS RTU (serial RS485 and RS232), Encoder interface for ITRON 200WP with “Sensus protocol’ (revenue and bulk metering version only) and GSM/GPRS wireless communication with and without analogue input cable
  • The meter has embedded self-testing and alarm/fault detection feature which will highlight fault conditions should they occur
  • We can supply replacement transmitters programmed with the sensor details and the customers settings so they are ready to use once installed. All you need to do is let us know the serial number of the sensor the transmitter is to be used with
  • The meter can be supplied with integral GSM/GPRS data loggers if required
Siemens MAG 8000 Family

Next Day Delivery on Siemens Flow Meters

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Portable Hydrant Meter LCD Display

Integral or remote mounted transmitters

The transmitter can be supplied mounted either directly onto the sensor or remotely from the sensor with up to 30 metres of cable fitted in the sensor terminal box. The transmitter offers the following features:

  • LCD display (meter programmed using SIMATIC PDM software via an IrDA communication cable)
  • Can be programmed to show any of the following parameters, bi-directional flow rate and totaliser values (forward, reverse and net flows)
  • Detailed diagnostics, pulse output values and alarm output state
  • 2 passive digital pulse outputs (MOS) for forward and reverse flows, individually galvanically isolated

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