V210 volumetric piston cold water meters

V210 volumetric meter
24 Hour Delivery15mm to 25mm sizes available from stock

Honeywell (Elster Metering) V210 manifold meter

The V210 manifold meter is designed with optimum accuracy and performance for revenue metering.

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Available in sizes 15mm (polymer body), 20mm and 25mm (both brass body) with flow rates between 6.25 litres/hr to 7.875 m3/hr.

Suitable for installation in flooded chambers (IP68 rated).


R400 flow range (Q3/Q1) for 15mm meter, R315 for 20mm and R160 for 25mm meter.

Meter size (mm) 15 20 25
Meter thread size Inches G1½"A G1½"A G2"A
Overload flow rate Q4 ±2% m3/hr 3.125 5 7.875
Permanent flow rate Q3 ±2% m3/hr 2.5 4 6.3
Transitional flow rate Q2 ±2% litres/hr 10 20.32 63
Minimum flow rate Q1 ±5% litres/hr 6.25 12.7 39.375
Starting flow (approximate) litres/hr 1 2 6
Output pulse litres/pulse 1 1 1
Head loss, temperature & pressure 15mm meter is 1 bar at 3.7 m3/hr, all other meter sizes are less than 0.63 bar at Q3. Maximum water temperature 30°C and maximum pressure 16 bar

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