Pipe Tracing and Cable Avoidance

Cable Avoidance Tools & Signal Generators

New Cable Avoidance Tools & Signal Generators are now available, we are offering the C-Scope CXL & DXL Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT) with either the SGA or SGV Signal Generator. We also offer the MXL Locator and MXT signal Generator for tracing over longer distances. These are high performance Locators developed using the latest in advanced digital signal processing technology to locate the exact position of buried pipes and cables.

Pipe tracing and cable avoidance

These locators are easy to use and built to last, they have been designed as truly ‘pick-up-and-go’ products which anyone can use and have the strength and durability to provide reliable locating time after time. These products are the ideal choice for use in all major Utilities who carry out any form of excavation work or pipe tracing.

CAT key features

The SGA and SGV Signal Generators are used in conjunction with the CXL & DXL CAT’s. They can energise a metal pipe or cable by direct connection (allows individual pipes or cables to be traced, identified and depths measured) or by the simpler induction method (allows previously unknown metal pipes and cables to be detected and traced).

Signal Generator key features

With the major benefit of not having to return the new range of C-Scope Cable Avoidance Tools and Signal Generators for annual calibration, the Function Checker will allow you to check on-site that the equipment is working to the manufacturers specification. This product is available to purchase or offered as a service by Mercom Water Products.

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