Standpipe Flow Meters

The first truly electronic standpipe flowmeter

The Standpipe meters are supplied fitted with an ABB AquaMaster battery powered electromagnetic flowmeter and are the first truly electronic standpipe flowmeter.

Standpipe Meters

With no mechanical moving parts the AquaMaster flowmeter has eliminated the problems associated with mechanical meters, these being damage caused by iron and other particles frequently found in water which cause blockages, wear and tear which in turn affect the accuracy of the measured data.

Horizontal Standpipe Meters

We supply two versions of the Standpipe Meter, these being a vertically mounted and horizontally mounted design. Both versions have an integrally mounted display unit with the option of an in-built data logger if required.

The AquaMaster display unit has an easy to read LCD display showing flowrate, totalisers, velocity and alarm condition. Flow units are site selectable to suit the customers requirements.

Typical applications for the Standpipe meters are where water usage needs to be accurately calculated and regulated, mains flushing and checking adequate flowrates, i.e. fire mains.

The transmitter has the option of a dual pulse output for use with a remote reading device if required.

Key features

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