ABB AquaMaster Battery Powered Meters

Specifically for use on potable water applications

>ABB AquaMaster Battery Powered Meters

AquaMaster 3 is a battery powered electromagnetic flowmeter designed specifically for use on potable water applications. This meter is available in sizes ranging from 15mm to 600mm and offers high levels of accuracy, reliability and low cost of ownership. This flowmeter is suitable for use in areas where a power supply is not available.

Key features

AquaMaster Family

AquaMaster 3 can be supplied with an integral or remote mounted transmitter (up to 200 metres of cable as standard with the remote transmitter) and measures bi-directional flow as standard.

The transmitter gives a dual solid state switched pulse output for forward and reverse flows and comes with an LCD display (programmable via a USB communication cable) showing:

The transmitter can contain an optional multi- speed, multi-channel, dual-variable datalogger if required to measure flow and pressure which can then be read back either manually or via SMS/GPRS data transmission.

CalMaster is the world’s first in-situ calibration system.
The system allows the calibration of AquaMaster to be verified without the need for meter removal. CalMaster carries out a series of complex tests and a certificate is produced without the need for costly excavation or disruption to the flow and it meets the requirements of the Regulating Authority.

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