Valve Operation Warning System - The Scorpion

Unauthorised operation of valves can cause a number serious issues within a Network, the Scorpion will give you an immediate warning if a valve is about to be opened or closed which will allow you to react quickly to resolve a possible problem.

The Scorpion

Traditional methods have been used to try and resolve the issue of unauthorised valve operation without much success. The Scorpion is a low cost device which is located onto the valve dolly, this would have to be removed before the valve can be operated, the result of which would generate an immediate alarm message back to the office. Valves operated without authorisation can cause many issues which may result in unnecessary work being carried out to determine / resolve this problem which can be costly and time consuming.

Valve Operation Warning System

Listed below are some of the consequences that could occur if a critical Network valve is operated incorrectly:-

Water quality issues

Pressure imbalances and consequential damage (pressure surge) can occur when rapidly opening a valve which can cause an increase in burst rates.

Zone integrity due to the affect on leakage meter readings, the result of which is unnecessary effort and expense in trying to locate a burst that doesn’t exist.

Integrity and status of the water supply is altered which could increase operational costs The Scorpion will act as a deterrent to operating critical valves and monitoring the operational use of divisional / boundary valves without following the required procedures. Other possible applications for this product are:-

Leak detection sms service software

The Scorpion utilises SMS text messaging data to transmit alarm and health checked messages to your office (5 year battery life) to give details of the sensor status and operation. Each message will include the valve details (customer definable), alarm condition or health check status, date, time, battery condition and message count. Listed below are details of the sensor operation and software:-

By linking the date & time of the incoming Scorpion alert SMS message to staff movement in the area (Via company tracking system) it becomes possible not only to understand the reason for flow changes in the network but also to identify the personel responsible.

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