ABB AquaProbe Insertion Flow Meters

Insertion flowmeter for potable water applications

AquaProbe is an insertion electromagnetic flowmeter designed specifically for use on potable water applications. This meter can be supplied with an AC or DC mains power supply (AquaProbe 1) or a battery power supply with an option of mains power with battery back-up (AquaProbe II). All meters are available in four insertion lengths, 300mm, 500mm,700mm and 1000mm.

AquaProbe Insertion Flow Meter

Key features

AquaProbe is supplied with a remote transmitter, both versions (AquaProbe 1 and AquaProbe II) are available with cable lengths up to 150 metres and can measure bi-directional flow as standard. Both the mains and battery powered transmitters give a dual pulse output for forward and reverse flows and come with an LCD display, the mains powered transmitter also offers a 4-20 mA output.

The following parameters are displayed:

The AquaProbe II transmitter can be supplied with an integral datalogger if required to measure flow and pressure which can be read back manually or via SMS/GPRS data transmission.

The maximum velocity depends upon the insertion length of the probe into the pipe, typical insertion lengths are ⅛, ⅞ or ½ the pipe internal diameter.

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