GPRS Dataloggers

The MerComms.amr compact GPRS flow data logger

GPRS Data Logger

MerComms.amr is a new compact GPRS flow data logger with up to four independent input channels, each channel being configured to suit the in-situ flowmeter. This data logger will work with all the commonly used mechanical and electronic flowmeter pulse units/pulse cables and is fitted with an integrated roaming SIM chip.

Key features

We can now offer on-site support from installation of the data loggers through to a full install, service and maintenance package to suit the customers requirements, please contact us for more details.

GPRS Datalogger Software

Web based data software to view:

Web based software

The MerComms.amr data logger can be programed from any PC with internet browser access. A smart phone App is also available to allow the flow meter parameters to be set up on site if required.

GRPS Datalogger App

Web based software
All data viewed and software to program and read data from the MerComms.amr is web based, this eliminates all IT issues (firewalls etc.) associated with loading customised software onto your PC or company server. The web based software is very easy to use and an APP is also available for smart phones for on-site set-up. A template can be created with all the common settings for the MerComms.amr, this allows for quick set-up in the office and a smart phone or laptop can be used on site to set the pulse unit details and the meter index reading.

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